How to query and visualize metrics

Installing the demo program

If you haven’t installed the demo program yet, Please refer to Quick Start to install Aeraki, Istio, and the demo.

After installation, you can see that the following two NSs have been added to the cluster, and the Dubbo and Thrift demo applications are installed in these two NSs. You can choose either of them to test.

➜  ~ kubectl get ns|grep meta
meta-dubbo        Active   16m
meta-thrift       Active   16m

Prometheus and Grafana have been installed in the istio-system NS, and Prometheus will collect requested metrics from the Sidecar Proxy. We can query these metrics through Prometheus and use Grafana dashboards to show these metrics.

?  ~ kubectl get deploy -n istio-system
NAME                   READY   UP-TO-DATE   AVAILABLE   AGE
aeraki                 1/1     1            1           46h
grafana                1/1     1            1           46h
istio-ingressgateway   1/1     1            1           46h
istiod                 1/1     1            1           46h
kiali                  1/1     1            1           46h
prometheus             1/1     1            1           46h

Query request metrics via Prometheus

First forward the local port to the Prometheus service via the kubectl port-forward command

kubectl port-forward service/prometheus 9090:9090 -n istio-system

Open in browser to query the metrics. MetaProtocol’s metrics names have a fixed prefix: “envoy_meta_protocol_$applicationProtocol”, For example, Dubbo metrics have names prefixed with “envoy_meta_protocol_dubbo”, Thrift metrics have names prefixed with “envoy_meta_protocol_thrift”.

Query the outbound request metrics of the Dubbo service:

All metrics for Dubbo services:

Visualize metrics via Grafana dashboard

First forward the local port to the Grafana service via the kubectl port-forward command.

kubectl port-forward service/grafana 3000:3000 -n istio-system

Import the dashboard json file provided by Aeraki into Grafana as shown below:

Open the Aeraki demo dashboard, you can see the metrics charts of Dubbo and Thrift services, including QPS, request latency, request success rate, etc.

Last modified September 19, 2022: release 1.2.0 (433e12f)