Manage Any Layer-7 Protocols in a Service Mesh

What is Aeraki Mesh?

Aeraki Mesh is an open-source project to manage any layer-7 protocols in a service mesh. It supports Dubbo, Thrift, Redis, Kafka, ZooKeeper,and proprietary protocols can be supported as well with the help of the MetaProtocol framework. Learn more


Traffic Management

Request load balancing, circuit breaking, dynamic routing with arbitrary match conditions, rate limit, traffic mirroring, etc.

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Rich request-level metrics including request QPS, average/PXX latency, error rate, etc. Distributed tracing.

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Easy to Extend

Just need a couple lines of code to add a proprietary protocol into a serivce mesh. Seamlessly integrated with Istio.

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Users & Partners

Aeraki Mesh is a CNCF sandbox project