How Aeraki Mesh are Used for Game Streaming During the 2020 Winder Olympics


On this live broadcast, My colleague and I presented a production use case of Aeraki Mesh with the Yangshiping App, which has been used for streaming games during the 2022 Winter Olympics.

What’s in the presentation?

  1. Introduce the second version of Aeraki Mesh architecture, features, and future roadmap.
  2. Aeraki Mesh layer-7 proxy framework MetaProtocol deep dive.
  3. How to implement a private protocol on top of the MetaProtocol proxy, and manage its traffic within Aeraki Mesh.
  4. Aeraki Mesh use case study: video streaming protocol: videopacket.
  5. Aeraki Mesh use case study: HPA based on rate limiting metrics.
  6. Aeraki Mesh use case study: Traffic mirroing and advanced routing.

Slides deck

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